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Bynet Electronics provides Innovative Test and Monitoring Solutions for Advanced Network Technologies and Applications.
Since the company's foundation in 1990, Bynet Electronics has built a solid reputation, experience and knowledge as a supplier of comprehensive range of testing solutions, consultant, implementation and Professional Testing Services.
Present yours High Quality Equipment according to inflexible timetable which is dictated by competitive and dynamic market leads your key to success. Bynet Electronics brings together all the elements you need and aspires to be your best and favored business partner.

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Spirent TestCenter 2.00 Inspire Architecture™ Has Arrived!
Ensuring Quality of Experience for Multi-Media Services
PowerSync Analyzer, High Powered PSE Testing
Expand the Capabilities of your Oscilloscope!
Spirent Protocol Tester - Internet Telephony’s 2006 Product of the Year
Extreme Automation™ Maximizes Test Productivity
SmartWindow 9.50
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Spirent TestCenterTM 2.0

Get there faster!

Spirent has change the way you test forever
Built on Inspire ArchitectureTM
Extreme AutomationTM
Real-Time Control
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Network Performance Management
Tired of finger-pointing when applications are slow?
Want to measure response times without agents?
Need real-time traffic visibility using Cisco NetFlow?
Worried about VoIP & MPLS impact on performance?
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Special Offer
TEK-TDS-7404– 4CH 4GHz 20GHz Digital scope.
Only 23,630$
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TTi TGA-12102 and TGA-12104 - two and four channel 100MS/s Arbitrary Waveform Generators
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PSA1301T - 1.3 GHz RF Spectrum Analyzer New unit!
Only 910 £ (GBP)
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